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Color Dispersion

Made in USA

One Day Floors™ Color Dispersions are pigments designed to add color to the One Day Floor coatings. Because they are packaged by themselves in quarts, Color Dispersions reduce inventory levels. Color Dispersions allow varying levels of opacity to the One Day Floors™ sealer by varying the amount of concentrated pigment that is added to the “A” component of the One Day Floor™ coatings product. Color Dispersion is used to create opaque “safety net” backgrounds for media floors like chips and quartz floor systems. Color Dispersions may also be used to color concrete floors in solid opaque fashion or to create translucent appearances.


  • Individually packaged
  • Solid opaque to translucent applications
  • Batch to batch uniformity


Color Dispersion is available in a 58-ounce container.

Coverage Rate

Add 9 oz. per mixed gallon in the bed coat will cover 1000 sq.ft. at 1 mill.

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Black Black
Caramel Caramel
Dolphin Gray Dolphin Gray
Mint Green Mint Green
Mocha Mocha
Royal Blue Royal Blue
Sandy Beige Sandy Beige
Sky Blue Sky Blue
Stone Gray Stone Gray
Safety Red Safety Red
Safety Yellow Safety Yellow
Terra Cotta Terra Cotta
White White
White Night Gray White Night Gray